‘We were satisfied with the overall execution of the session. We were able to achieve our objectives and the event was well-received by the participants.’
Leslie Neo, Senior Manager, Group Safety & Health, SP Group

‘Through Joey’s facilitation, we were able to achieve the session’s objectives. The starting activity was well executed and debriefed by Joey. He was also able to clearly communicate the objectives of each part of the session. Through Joey’s excellent facilitation, all participants were engaged throughout the session and contributed thoughtful and useful content for the strategic review. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being “most satisfied”, I would say that the satisfaction level was a “9”’. – Amy Teo, Director – Corporate Development, National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre

‘The workshop was conducted in a very professional manner. Great Job! I am extremely satisfied with the session.’Koh Ser Hwee, Assistant Manager, National University of Singapore – Comparative Medicine

‘The activities certainly opened up new perspectives on how to approach current issues and achieve new goals. The experiential learning techniques used steepened the learning curve for all. Very satisfied. It came as a surprise how energized all of the participants became after just simple games. Never knew that a simple rope or numbers can inject so much energy and create an unforgettable learning experience for all. Hats off to the facilitator who was instrumental in keeping the energy up and keeping us focused on achieving the overall purpose of the activities.’Nabil Mattar, Head of Premium Client Services, IG Asia Pte Lte

‘The session’s purpose was fully achieved. The excellent facilitation helped the team to work well towards the goal.’Natasha Doctor, Regional HR Manager, WOOX Innovations

‘The overall objectives and purposes of the session was achieved and the CONNEC team came back with a list of items/goals to work on. I am very satisfied with the session as the feedback from the CONNECT team was positive.’Christina Chua, Manager – Learning and Development Manager, Roche

‘My compliments on Joey’s confident presentation with superb content as he nailed the facilitation in delivering the end objectives as requested by PA-BSIG. Throughout the entire session, Joey maintained his patience to guide my volunteers and I sincerely appreciate his professionalism, particularly on iterating the “Together Everyone Achieve More” elements. Even as an passer-by, I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Joey as he did an awesome job with keeping the programme all in perspective. Sincere thanks to Joey and his team. It was a pleasure to work with Joey and look forward to future collaborations together. After receiving positive feedback from my volunteers, I truly believe the session was a great success as Joey has a created a setting where perceived differences are nullified and every BSIG leader wishes to participate in the spirit of giving back to the community. This truly feels a whole, KUDOS to the team.’ Ceed Tan, Manager, People’s Association – Course & Interest Group Development