19 OkCupid Profile Examples For Guys That Work Great (2020)

Perhaps not fulfilling the sorts of ladies you truly desire on OkCupid? its likely that your profile can use a reboot.

However, if youre like most dudes, currently talking about your self is a workout in frustration. Unless youre excessively attractive, you cant count solely on the photos to distract her from your own pitiful profile.

Dont stress, weve got what you ought to turn your profile that is boring into date magnet.

Read on to master which prompts will be the most useful ones to respond to, and acquire awesome OkCupid profile examples you can make use of at this time to attract the greatest regional feamales in no time at all!

Strive for Maximum Attractiveness In Your OkCupid Profile

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OkCupid pages are a lot unique of other online internet dating sites like lots of Fish and Match.com. Rather than one primary About Me type introduction, OkCupid pages consist of 9 main parts, having the ability to add more by selecting extra subjects through the menu.

For every section, it is possible to pick one prompt to resolve from a listing of 5 or 6.

Selecting a prompt from each one of these isnt mandatory, you need certainly to offer sufficient information to intrigue her.

The right OkCupid profile gives her a glimpse of just what spending some time her know youre serious about meeting someone with you would be like, and putting some time into your profile also lets. That is important if you should be searching for a long-term relationship.

Not totally all prompts will reveal within the most readily useful possible light, therefore its essential to select sensibly.

The contemporary relationship professionals at VIDA have now been composing compelling, interesting pages for dudes exactly like you since 2009, and youre planning to gain from all the research weve place in.

When maximum attractiveness is your ultimate goal, here are the most useful OkCupid profile encourages to resolve along side a couple of effective examples and methods for every one!

About Me Personally

My self-summary is the better option right here, since its a normal method to emphasize some of your many compelling characteristics and illustrate a number of the factors why youre 100% boyfriend/husband product.

This first OkCupid profile instance has mass appeal any woman whos invested 2 moments browsing profiles can relate with it:

Heres an OkCupid self summary instance that works well as it hooks her attention from the first sentence, exactly like any advertising copy that is good

It can help to consider your profile like a commercial that places forth all of your most readily useful features. chat room online nepal Highlight your #1 selling part of the intro (in cases like this, a fruitful suit & tie career), and build onto it within the next parts.

From the more boring masses if you travel quite a bit, and have the photos to back it up, a Self Summary paragraph that highlights your sense of adventure will elevate you:

Providing a good example of the way you embody a specific quality is more appealing than simply telling her you have it i.e. dont just write I like to travel. Inform her a travel tale alternatively.

If youre in your 20s or very early 30s, you may get away with only a little little bit of cocky/over-the-top humor in your OkCupid profile.

If the perfect partner is in her late 30s+, an excessive amount of humor in your relationship profile can backfire.

Over fifty percent of single ladies say theyre burned down by internet dating , therefore she probably simply desires to always check things off her must have actually list while skimming your profile.

And no matter age , humor may be tough to have appropriate due to the fact it really is so subjective. Why is one woman giggle might switch off another, and it surely will additionally set the phase for just what she will expect away from you in an conversation that is online .

If the mark is missed by you with all the tone of the profile, she will be less likely to want to like your profile and react to your message.

This instance works it brings you and the reader back down to earth because its witty and over the top in an attractive way, then:


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Im doing with my life prompt if youre serious about finding your ideal partner, answer the What.

One other choices imply youre a man with big aspirations but shes more enthusiastic about everything youve really achieved as much as this aspect as thats the most readily useful indicator of whats in the future.

Has a task is on most womens selection of non-negotiable must haves, therefore be sure to emphasize yours.

You have when youre describing your job, focus on the positive impact. Regardless of if everything you do is not specially glamorous, you can easily spin it in an attractive method:

Notice the way the task description in each of the profile examples above is balanced with a few lines about that which you want to do for enjoyable. Offering her the impression youve got a life that is well-rounded more desirable than implying youre exactly about work.

Mention tasks she will visualize by herself enjoying to you, like travel. Whether or not it’s one thing you are doing, thats an attractive pastime. Not just does it imply youve got the means that are financial just take enjoyable trips, shell additionally imagine by herself along for the trip:

Maintaining everything you write in your profile in line with whats in your photos is the answer to success on OkCupid. Her all about your adventures abroad but dont have a single travel photo for her to see, shes going to feel like something doesnt quite add up and move on if you tell.

Dont stress if you prefer to help keep things more neighborhood. You may make that sound in the same way appealing:


Im excellent at may be the perfect possibility to get the alpha on. For example, by saying youre good at finding a justification to split out of the energy tools, youre subtly permitting her know youre a handy man to own at home:

Research reports have shown women can be interested in characteristics like bravery, courage, and a willingness to take chances , so make an effort to select a hobbies that are few illustrate the manner in which you embody those faculties.

In this instance, diving, surf ships, and boats that are fast moving the bill:

When you yourself have any obscure, weird hobbies, this might be additionally great place to explain them. Samples of non-conformity make you more desirable , therefore if youre into cosplay or D&D, drop a mention in.


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